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Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in. Using a proven, professional set of guidelines, Simply Divine will work with you room by room, inside and out, to present your home in the best way possible to help you sell quickly and for top dollar!


Home Staging Consultation Services

We perform a careful walk-through of your home, develop a staging strategy and approach, take pictures of all area to be staged, then provide you with a detailed report that shows you exactly what is needed to prepare your home for sale. You can decide whether to let us take care of the work or if you prefer to do some or all of it yourself.


Vacant Home Staging

Whether you have a small condo or a large house, all homes sell faster when they are properly furnished.  Buyers often find it difficult to visualize the potential of a vacant house.  We bring in the right furniture and accessories

to create an environment for potential home buyers to fall in love with your house.


Occupied Home Staging

Yes, we can make your house more appealing to home buyers! We will help you “de-clutter” and “de-personalize” your house using your existing furniture.  If needed, we’ll bring in a few items to create a dramatic new look.  


Furniture Rental

We’ve got you covered!  Simply Divine has an inventory of small furniture and accessories and if we need a piece we don’t have, no problem!  We have great relationships with local rental companies to meet your furniture rental needs. 



THE FIRST TWO WEEKS that your house is on the market is PRIME TIME! Don’t wait to STAGE!

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